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Our first news brief - August 5, 2020 - Jersey City, NJ

In order to provide more transparency, both within our family of companies along with the community of customers / resources we services and work along, we are posting our first news brief which will provide relevant information to our organization and industry as a whole. Hopefully, these insights will make a positive impact to our readers, associates and values colleagues.

Coming out of the shut down due to the Covid pandemic, we are grateful that most of our staff and associates survived the physical and financial toll it has taken upon all of us. We want to acknowledge those employees and family members who did not survive this horrible virus and offer our sincere condolences to their families for their loss. Our team of truly dedicated, hardworking employees have been the backbone of our organization and without them, we would not be the first-class organization that operates today (IMHO). We humbly appreciate what you do here, every day.

In this new covid environment, it is important to note some very important rule and work methods that now apply to all employees and vendor resources entering and remaining on property.

1- All personnel must wear a user supplied mask. The mask must always remain on and be worn properly (covering the nose and mouth). If an associate forgets, losses or needs a mask at any time while on premise, the company can supply that to them.

2- Employees are strongly encouraged to wash their hands upon arrival into the facility. There is new hand washing area prior to entering the building.

3- There are no touch thermometers that can be used for all associates.

4- Signage has been placed to show travel direction entering and exiting the building. There is also signage to remind everyone of these new procedures.

5- Sanitizing stations have been placed I many areas and we strongly encourage all associates to use them frequently.

6- Many work methods have been set up to help maintain proper social distancing in our workplace. It is incumbent that our associates always help in maintaining at least 6 feet of distance between themselves and other associates.

7- We ask all employees, should they feel sick (due to covid or other ailment), please do NOT come to work. If the employee is already at work, immediately distance themselves from others, inform your supervisor, and we will help arrange to have you transported back to your home.

With our employees' help, we can hopefully keep this virus at bay and keep each other safe while here.

Fortunately, with the efforts of our team, we have been able to ramp up our production both in the terminal and out on the streets to pre-covid levels. Again, a job well done with our teams. We know our customers have been appreciative of our efforts and look forward to assisting them through this difficult period as well.Final note on our newsletters - we want to be inclusive of all team members in the publication of this hopefully informative document. We want to encourage any employee here, to contribute to this effort with any relevant content to our organization or industry. We look forward to publishing more content soon.

Ed T.